Highest Paying Jobs in Japan 2022

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Arguably one of the biggest motivations for those who choose to go work in another country is increasing their earnings. Japan has long been a favored destination for those who are hoping to do business, make money, or both. Although the so-called “Bubble era” of the 1980s is long gone and the economy is not what it was, it doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities in Japan. A rapidly aging Japanese workforce has led to a labor shortage and a need for foreign labor. Although the pandemic means getting work visas to enter Japan has become difficult, there remain plenty of opportunities for qualified professionals. Let’s have a look at some of the highest paying jobs in Japan for 2022:

Risk Analyst

If you have a head for business and problem-solving, becoming a risk analyst is the ideal career move for you. Being a risk analyst involves analyzing, evaluating, and minimizing risks companies might face and is a service used by companies worldwide. As Japan in particular is home to many large, multinational companies, there are a lot of opportunities in this field. However, business level Japanese ability is naturally required. If this is not a hurdle for you, you can expect to earn approximately ¥6, 242, 332 per year.

Executive Management

As many foreign firms have offices in Japan, there are a number of executives and others in upper management positions who have climbed the corporate ladder and accepted a position in Japan. These expatriate executives and managers do not necessarily need extensive Japanese language skills, depending on the company or department they work in. As these are usually highly sought-after positions, they can take many years and promotions to achieve, whether at a foreign or Japanese company. Salaries average around ¥ 8, 360, 000 annually.

IT Professional

Working in IT might perhaps be one of the most assured ways of earning a living in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. As a staggering number of people around the world have given up their offices in favor of working from home in the last 2 years, the demand for IT professionals has perhaps never been higher. Companies need not only an online presence but also modern telecommunications infrastructure and software development to enable them to do business successfully and with ease. Furthermore, English-speaking IT professionals are increasingly in demand and are able to find jobs in international companies. A qualified IT professional can expect to make around ¥ 7,030,000 yearly.

Business Analyst

Combing the skills of a risk analyst and an IT professional, Business Analysts help businesses streamline processes and improve productivity. It is a job that requires problem-solving skills as well as IT knowledge and is thus in high demand. However, like many other jobs on our list, both Japanese and English proficiency is required. It is worth noting, however, that a Business analyst can earn a cool ¥ 5,976,050 per annum.


Doctors and medical workers are always in demand everywhere in the world, and arguably even more so in recent years. This is because many doctors, in Japan and elsewhere, have quit or changed jobs as a result of work stress exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. So, arguably, if one is qualified, finding a job as a doctor should not be a major problem. Of course, if one wants to be a doctor in Japan, knowledge of Japanese culture and the Japanese language is essential. There are, however, clinics, especially in larger cities such as Tokyo, that specialize in treating foreign patients, but even these are bilingual. The salary will also differ depending on the specific type of medicine one practices. On average, Doctors can earn ¥ 14,500,000 yearly in Japan, but this amount increases to around ¥ 20, 350, 000 for specialists such as neurosurgeons.


Much like doctors, engineers are essentially always in demand, and in Japan, it’s no different. Although Japanese language ability is a definite plus, there is an increasing demand for engineers willing to work in English-speaking environments, so it may not be as essential as it was perhaps 20 years ago. There are a variety of different engineering jobs looking for the ideal candidate in Japan, and you can earn about ¥ 7,030,000 per annum.


If you have command of English and Japanese, becoming a translator/interpreter is a great way to make a living. As someone who is able to bridge the cultural and linguistic gap, you will be in high demand. This is a highly skilled job, and in order to be successful, you would have to have deep cultural knowledge and excellent written and spoken skills. If this seems like something you are qualified for and excited about, you can expect an annual salary of around ¥ 4,515,000.


Lawyers are always in demand to help people navigate legal disputes. However, as a lawyer in a Japanese company, you would require in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language, culture, and legal system. Knowledge of corporate culture in Japan is also essential if you intend to work in the corporate field. However, there are also some international law firms with a presence in Japan. On average, you can expect to make approximately ¥ 7,030,000 per year as a lawyer in Japan.


Many people are drawn to banking as it can be quite a lucrative career no matter where you are. Due to the number of foreign companies and banks doing business in Japan, there is always a demand for bankers. However, one should note that the vast majority of jobs require high-level Japanese language ability and English language skills. If you are qualified, you can earn around ¥ 7,533,000 yearly.

English Teacher

Although not as well paid as the other jobs on this list, teaching English is the best choice for those lacking sufficient Japanese language ability. English teaching in Japan comes in different guises. There are teaching positions at private and public schools, which include classroom teaching and regular Monday to Friday work hours. Another option is eikaiwa teaching, which can mean any age of student, from children to business people. Students will usually attend your classes after school or work. This means your work hours will most likely be weekends and evenings. To get a job as an English teacher, you need a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject. A TESOL , or TEFL qualification is also recommended. Some schools also require teachers to be from a country where English is an official language. Salaries average at about ¥2, 994, 000 per annum.

With the right skills and enough motivation, it is possible to find a job in your chosen field in the land of the rising sun. Why not have a look at the Inbound Technology job board and check out our IT and tech positions?

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