Software engineer jobs in Japan

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Software engineer jobs are constantly evolving, especially in the renowned high-tech nation of Japan. However, while the demand for talented engineers is increasing, Japan’s aging population means that there aren’t enough Japanese people to fill these positions. That’s where you come in. This article will give you some tips about job hunting as a foreign software engineer in Japan.

1.The Japanese job market

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According to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, the country will face a shortfall of 789,000 software engineers by 2030. The main reason is that Japan has the world’s oldest population with 36.4 million people aged 65 or older. As a result, there will be fewer working-age people, and Japanese universities can’t produce enough software engineers to keep up with demand. 

That’s why Japan is turning to foreign talent to bring their software development expertise and knowledge to this understaffed field. There are currently 28,000 non-Japanese software engineers working in Japan, and demand just keeps increasing. to foreign talent to bring their software development expertise and knowledge to this understaffed field. Currently, 28,000 non-Japanese software engineers are working in Japan, and demand keeps increasing.

2. Japanese skills

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Even though many Japanese firms have relaxed their standard Japanese language requirements, the positions that require no Japanese skills tend to be very competitive. Therefore, you will need to be a perfect match in what the company is looking for to get the job.

If you are interested in living in Japan as a developer (or any other job), we recommend studying Japanese and reaching at least JLPT N3 level. This will help you a lot in daily life, and your software engineer job prospects will increase exponentially.  As a lot of IT engineers coming from abroad can not speak Japanese, having Japanese skills will also give you a leg up on the competition.

3. Software Engineer Experience

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While some companies accept candidates with little experience, the candidates most likely to get offers are those who have experience and knowledge in the IT industry. 

If you don’t have professional experience, doing an internship or doing some freelance work can help. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and good Github is also very important.

Currently, the most used programming languages in Japan are :








Having a deep knowledge and experience of one of the above will increase your chances to find a good opportunity since the demand is high.

However, even if the demand is lower, if your highest priority is the income, a good command of Go or Scala, which are programming languages used in the top companies, is essential.

4. How to find software engineer jobs in Japan

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So, now that you know more about the Japanese market, the question is: Where does one find software engineer jobs in Japan? 

First, create a Linkedin account. The more detailed your profile is, the higher the chance of being scouted by a recruiter. You can of course apply for software engineer jobs on your own too.

If you have a friend working for a Japanese IT company, ask for an introduction. Japanese companies get around half of their new recruits from referrals. This is also a great reason to widen your network.

How do you widen your network? There are a lot of tech industry events, especially in Tokyo. Many of them are international, so you will be able to meet all kinds of people. This is a great opportunity to network and gain some insight into the industry in Japan.

And, last but not least, you can, of course, ask for a recruitment agency’s help. A lot of agencies put job opportunities on their website, and you can be sure that they will know about the freshest jobs as soon as they come up. 

Inbound Technology focuses on the recruitment of international software engineers for jobs in Japan. (some of them don’t require Japanese skills) so please visit our homepage to find the perfect role for your skills.

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