Are you from India, and want to start a new life in the land of the rising sun? This article will tell you how to get an engineering job in Japan for Indians, including:

  1. Necessary qualifications for finding an engineering job in Japan
  2. Where to find an engineering job in Japan for Indians

Japan Needs Indian Engineers

Japan’s aging population has caused a significant labor shortage in the world’s third-largest economy. There is an increasing demand for engineers, and many Japanese companies are actively recruiting from abroad. India in particular is considered an engineering and IT hotspot, so there’s never been a better time for Indians to find work in Japan.

Most companies are looking for software, system and network engineers, and Java, C and PHP are currently the most popular programming languages in Japan.

1. Necessary Qualifications for Finding an Engineering Job in Japan

There are essentially two ways to prepare yourself for an engineering career in Japan – a degree or certification. Qualifications aren’t only important to employers, they’re also mandatory for getting a Japanese work visa.


As we’ve mentioned, you’ll need an undergraduate degree in engineering or a related field in order to get a work visa in Japan.

If you don’t yet have a degree, there is also the option of starting out as a student and studying Japanese, engineering, or both. Note that you are allowed to work part-time on a student visa. It’s a great way to adjust to life in the country, hone your skills and build the connections you will need for a successful future career.


If you don’t have a formal degree, you could possibly still work in Japan if you have 10 years of experience or more. Another option is taking the ITPEC exam, which is based on the Information-Technology Engineers Examination (jōhō shori gijutsusha shiken, 情報処理技術者試験, or ITEE). The ITEE is considered the standard in the Japanese IT industry.

You can also take the JLPT, although it’s not necessary to work in Japan. Many modern Japanese startups are globally-minded and operate bilingually.

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2. Where to Find an Engineering Job in Japan for Indians

As we’ve mentioned, there are lots of opportunities for Indian engineers in Japan these days. Around 45% of Japanese companies have stated that they are open to hiring foreigners, especially in the IT industry. In fact, after ESL (English as a second language), it is arguably the easiest industry for foreigners with limited Japanese skill to work in. So, where exactly do you find these jobs? There are basically three ways.


There are a number of online platforms you can use to connect with potential employees, like: 

In Person

Job hunting in Japan is arguably easier if you are already in the country with a valid visa. If you prefer face-to-face interviews, you could start by entering Japan on a student or designated activities visa, and switching to the engineer/specialist in humanities/international services visa once you find a full-time job. You could technically even job hunt on a tourist visa, but you’ll probably not have enough time to complete the job-hunting process.

Another possibility is to start out by teaching English, which is covered by the same visa category as engineering, so you won’t have to change your visa when you change jobs.

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